We are a group of residents who despite the long and sometimes challenging meetings, kept coming back!  We are all people who have agreed to volunteer to drive Big Local forward in our area for the benefit of all. We are now supported by a community coordinator, Ola Kanu, who's based in the St Mark's Church cafe. You can also get in touch on 07419 285839 or nmsworker17@gmail.com


Meet the team

Photo of Tina Franklin Tina Franklin

I was the Chair of the North Meets South Big Local in its formative years when we needed the extra focus. From June 2017 we have a rotating Chair role that gives everyone on the steering group a chance to gain new skills. I have been a resident of Barking and Dagenham for 20 years and have lived in Marks Gate since 2010.  We have been given a fantastic opportunity to make lasting change within our NMS area and it is our job as your steering group to not only represent the majority but understand and consider the minority, be it in any category.

 Angela Gray

I am the Vice Chair of North Meets South Big Local. I have lived in the area for 10 years and am a mum of two teenagers. I am currently employed full-time as a compliance officer. My background is in counselling and mentoring young people and my hope for the North Meets South area is for our young people to be empowered to achieve their potential, and for them to come together and work together.

 Roy Figes

I have lived in the Chadwell Heath area for nearly 40 years, and have worked and volunteered in Marks Gate and the locale on and off during this time. I have been a Church Leader for over 30 years. I used to run kids' clubs; now I am retired after spending the last 20 years working with homeless people.

Photo of Sam Tarry Sam Tarry

I have lived in the borough for over a decade; and went to school locally in Chadwell Heath at St Edwards, so have known this area very well for most of my life. I have served the community as a local Councillor since 2010, and was previously a school Governor at Warren School for five years. I am a full time national officer for a transport trade union in my day job, and have previously worked for various charities including one of the Britain's largest anti racism campaigns. Most recently I was a Director of Jeremy Corbyn MP's successful Labour Leadership campaign. I bring with me local knowledge, a passion for the community as well as national experience to help North Meets South Big Local.

 Tim Brampton

I am the priest in charge of St Marks, Marks Gate. I came here in November 2015 to oversee the fitting out of the new church centre, which was designed with the idea of making more facilities available to the community. At the time it opened on 21st February 2016 we understood it to be the newest church in the world! Before going into the Ministry I was a community development worker in inner city communities, and before that I was in the Royal Navy. I would like the North Meets South area to be somewhere people live at ease and feel able to contribute and build community ties, all driven by the community and its needs.

 Stavroullah Hoxha

I am a mum of two and work part-time. I have lived in the North Meets South area for 10 years. I am passionate about getting the community together to interact and learn new skills. That is why I am always getting involved in projects that will improve the local area.

 Jasminder Riat

I have lived in the area for 9 years and both  my kids were born here. I became involved in the community when my kids were little, as Chair of the Parents Forum. I worked on a lot of local projects and events, then I got involved in Big Local. Doing something for the community was a good excuse to get out of the house, and gave me a sense of achievement. My hope is for a community where everyone feels safe.

 Paula Ewhe

I am a mum of three. I have lived here for 11 years and also have other members of my family who live in the area. People here help each other, and I have been able to find some good support here. My hope is for a more modernised, regenerated area that fits alongside the needs of families and where everyone feels included. A cleaner, brighter, nicer place to live where there is something for everyone - no barriers - where all ages can share and learn from each other, and where we don't have any worries for our children.

 Graham Cobb

I joined the North Meets South Steering Group because I wanted to do something locally, and I have skills and knowledge that may be of help. I live nearby and have 35 years’ experience of working in community based voluntary organisations. I am currently a director of a community based charity in central London. As part of the Steering Group, we will continue to ensure that Big Local resources are used efficiently to support community involvement and development across the North Meets South area.

 Janice George-Pinard

I am interested in seeing my community improve and more things happening especially for young people. Activities give children and young people a good foundation, keeping them occupied and more focused, less hanging around and more positivity. I would also like to see small independent businesses creating jobs, and the community becoming more interactive, more empowered to create our own opportunities, more self-sufficient and less reliant on government initiatives. Joining North Meets South Steering Group gives me an opportunity to contribute to getting things done in my community - working towards our future development and transforming the community into somewhere we all want to live in, work in, and stay and play.  

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