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We are a group of residents who despite the long and sometimes challenging meetings, keep coming back!

We are all people who have agreed to volunteer to drive Big Local forward in our area for the benefit of all. We are supported by a community coordinator, Catherine Dainkeh, who is based in Marks Gate Community Centre. You can also get in touch on 07419 285839 or nmsworker17@gmail.com


Meet the team


 VIce Chair and Senior member of NMS BIg Local. Resident in Chadwell Heath since 2006 with my sons. I project manage the youth provisions and supported the implementation of several provisions in the wider community during the early development of NMS. My background in Person Centered Counselling, drug counselling  and mentoring young people has fostered a passion to empower young people to reach their full potential and embrace opportunities to be part of the decision making process of change within their community.


Partnership member and line manager of Community Worker, I joined the North Meets South Steering Group because I wanted to do something locally, and I have skills and knowledge that may be of help. I live nearby and have 35 years’ experience of working in community based voluntary organisations. I am currently a director of a community based charity in central London. As part of the Steering Group, we will continue to ensure that Big Local resources are used efficiently to support community involvement and development across the North Meets South area.



I have lived in the Chadwell Heath area for nearly 40 years, and have worked and volunteered in Marks Gate and the locale on and off during this time. I have been a Church Leader for over 30 years. I used to run kids' clubs; now I am retired after spending the last 20 years working with homeless people.



I am a mum of two and work part-time. I have lived in the North Meets South area for 10 years. I am passionate about getting the community together to interact and learn new skills. That is why I am always getting involved in projects that will improve the local area.



I have lived in the area for 9 years and both  my kids were born here. I became involved in the community when my kids were little, as Chair of the Parents Forum. I worked on a lot of local projects and events, then I got involved in Big Local. Doing something for the community was a good excuse to get out of the house, and gave me a sense of achievement. My hope is for a community where everyone feels safe.



My vision is for a cohesive North Meets South area - no A12 divide. I have lived in the area for 70 years. There have been massive changes over that time - Marks Gate being built from rolling fields, everyone using cars, kids no longer able to play on the streets, and lots of different cultures. I was involved from the very start of Big Local in the area, and have seen it grow from thoughts into a reality. My particular interests are the elderly, lonely and vulnerable. I decided to join NMS at this time because the activities I've been involved in are now fairly established. I hope with my knowledge I'll be able to assist other people to get their activities off the ground. I'm like a dog with a bone - if I'm passionate about something, I'll overcome obstacles. I'm an Appropriate Adult - I get called to the police station when there's a youth or someone with a health issue, to ensure they understand what the police are saying. I'm an Independent Advisor to Barking & Dagenham police and a member of the Trident gangs unit at Scotland Yard. I also do research for the borough. 

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