Positive Attitudes and Opportunities

Positive attitudes and opportunities covers a wide spectrum of capacity building from skills and experience building to financial resilience; enabling access to information and services; training, employment and enterprise opportunities.

Through North Meets South's Dragon’s Den Programme, we have provided individuals with opportunities to explore new life skills and develop social enterprise skills. For some this has led to sustainable employment, whilst for others it has built up their confidence to deal better with complex life issues and plan for future work options.

We recognise that many of the social and economic issues in our catchment area interconnected, and we want to build on the existing skills, knowledge and resources in the area to make Marks Gate and North chadwell Heath a better place to live, work and play.

Based on what you told us in our resident survey (May 2019 - July 2020), we aim to provide the following opportunities, under our positive attitudes and opportunities plan: 

  • Money A+E's Money Mentors Community programme
  • Community Job Club and accredited training courses
  • Traing bursery
  • GCSE tutoring
  • After-school club
  • NMS Young Advisors programme
  • New grant pot for Positive Attitude and Opportunities projects 


If you have any comments / want to get involved in any of the projects listed above please do get in touch!