On Monday 27th June 2016, North meet South held  Dragon’s Den type event. Previous to this we invited any one who had an idea for a project or activitie in the area to apply to dragons den.

You the Community where the deciding factor your votes decided who would be presented with an Award our winners where, 


                                              Marks Gate Infants PTA


                Recieved Funds to start up and Run a childrens gardening Club


Stav's Street Fit



Stav asked for some funding to complete her training so she could run some amazing dance fitness classes for everyone, You thought that was a great idea.


The Lioness 1 oclock Club



 The Community fancied a trip or two and the lovley volunteers from the 1 oclock club along with a little NMS funding  arranged it all. community members went to; Clacton, Brighton and Margate. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...Cool


Wednesday Workshop

Wednesday workshop


Another group of amazing volunteers from the Wednesday Workshop asked NMS for a bit of cash for thier local kids, they wanted bats and balls and sporting equipment along with some fun indoor creative activity equipment. The Community decided. Absolutley! 



The childrens food trust 

 food trust


 These guys came up with some wonderful ways to make healthy wholesome foods with out breaking the bank. They asked if you would like them to run an all day event with lots of workshops on easy  ways to make yummy healthy foods. The community say mmmm yes please.






St Marks Health and Fitness

st marks health and fitness

St Marks Health and Fitness supported by our Very own newly appointed Vicar and partnership members Tim Brampton said we want to subsidise Zumba for all ages. Yes Said the Community we think you should! 


and last but not least a local commumity favourite Sustrans 


Sustrans asked for funding towards a bike track they are plaining to build. The community decided this was a great idea.



This was an amazing day which attracted over 200 visitors from 11am 8pm Our Volunteers were around for the public.  


We had Awesome food thanks to

                        Hayleys Heavenly Catering 




And the Children where thouroughly entertained by our entertainer 


err is in there some where Laughing

well a party is not a party with out th Conga dur dur dur dur...



All that is left to say is thank you so much for coming along and making this a smashing day! and if you want to see more picures. keep an eye on this site comming soon our flicker account which will hold all the photos from this and all our other brilliant events.  See You Soon x

14:33, 27 Jun 2016 by Kate White


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