2014/15 An Over View


We became Endoresed by Big Local. In order to do that we needed to create our; 

Partnership Strucure and Terms of Reference which are our guiding principles and  which will lead us forward into the future. 


Our Code of Conduct 

This was set up to make sure we all treated one another fairly and agreed to rememeber  that North Meets South is one Partnership for One Area. The North Meets South Area 


Once we had these we were able to begin our;



This took a long time to get right. We hired someone to Audit the whole area and create a profile based on the information they gathered. The trouble was we didn't recognise Marks gate and didn't feel it was truly representative of the whole of North Meets south area. So we took what had been gathered and spent a long time making changes to make it just right. 



We also created the begingings of our plan. This was based on all the outreach that we did. Check out our calender for more details on those events. We looked at all the information we had gathered from you the community which helped us indentify key areas for us to consider investing in. These were Children,Families and Young PeopleGreen Spaces and Community Economic Growth. 


At Christmas 2015 we invited you along to see what we had done so far. we had some mulled wine and yummy snacks and a nice and informative time was had by all.

12:30, 30 Dec 2015 by tina Franklin