Our area is one of the 150 communities across England chosen to be part of the Big Local.  This is an exciting opportunity for us to make changes in our neighbourhoods by bringing together all the local talent, ambition, skill and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make our neighbourhood an even better place to live.



Through the Local Trust, we have funding of £1m to spend on what our area needs.

WE the community decide what the local need is because we live here and we have already talked with local people, so we believe we really understand the issues we face and that we can find our own answers.

The four Big Local outcomes are directly about local people and that puts US firmly in the driving seat:

  • Communities idenfity local needs and take action
  • People will have increased skills and confidence so thaty they can continue into the future 
  • The community will make a difference 
  • People will feel that their area is an even better place to live

The Local Trust directed:

The Partnership needs to work in a way that keeps people who live in the area at the centre of decision making and Big Local activities.  People locally must be meaningfully involved and their views and aspirations must inform the choices the partnership makes.

So remember, the Big Local is NOT about the government or other organisations telling us what to do.  It's NOT about individual groups fixing their favourite problem without talking to a wide range of people who live and work in the community and it's NOT about short-term thinking.  WE have 10 years or more to plan and deliver the best options for our area, and whilst we do not need people telling us what to do, we would appreciate their help and support.