Social Activities and Cohesion

When we created our first Plan you said you wanted more activities for children, families and young people. Young people in particular have been identified as a focal point for both aspiration and challenge (young people are those aged 12-19). 

  • So we put out a tender for a company to consult with children and young people on the type of provision they would like to see in the area and identify any gaps. We then commissioned the Kaizen Partnership to carry out the research and they produced this report.
  • We also consulted with older people to identify their needs. 

Experience shows that voluntary groups often flounder as individuals move on and there will be an investment in providing the support, motivation and training needed to preserve continuity and inspire new ideas. 

NMS realises that, like in many areas, there are teenagers and young adults who do not readily respond to offers of support and are suspicious of formal attempts at service provision. That's why since 2018 we have commissioned Spark2Life to support and empower young peple out and about in the community.

From 2021 onwards we will attempt to develop community mentors, and to give important safety information (around knife crime, grooming, health care and similar issues). We will also support in areas such as employment and housing whilst being aware of the community response to anti-social behaviours. It is ambitious in expecting that, working with other statutory and voluntary agencies, real improvements can be achieved.

Based on what you told us in our resident survey (May 2019 - July 2020), we aim to provide the following, under Social activities & cohesion partnership plan:

  • Community Cuppa & Crafts, Coffee Stop, Family Fun & Reading Club
  • Seasonal events
  • Community Kitchen
  • Youth club and youth projects
  • Gang awareness/anti-knife crime workshops in Schools
  • Covid Contingency Pot of funds
  • Grants for social activities in 2021/22
  • Social inclusion grants awarded to:
  1. Eastside Community Heritage
  2. Sports & Life Skills CIC
  3. Studio 3 Arts
  4. Chadwell Heath Residents Association
  5. Independent Karate Clubs

NMS has helped small groups establish programmes for people of all ages to provide support, advice, direct activity and combat isolation and loneliness. We wish these to take root, become known to new residents and find long term self-sufficiency. 

 If you have any comments / want to get involved in any of the projects listed above please do get in touch! 

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