Asma's story. Life in Marks Gate has never been the same again.


A resident of Marks Gate who is a recent graduate of our Money Mentors Programme Asma Haq, shared how Money Mentors impacted not only her life but others from the community in Marks Gate:


If you missed the last edition of our programme - we have good news!


In June we are bringing our ASDAN accredited Money Mentors course back to Marks Gate.


Money Mentors is free to attend and results in a NVQ Level 1-equivalent qualification for successful completion.


Our Team will teach you how to become confident talking about money and how to help others do the same.


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In this course, you will learn how our Training Team overcame their financial struggles and how you can do the same.


If you're still hesitating, contact our Team Email: or Call 07898 654428 so we can answer all your questions.