We are hiring: Youth provisions delivery partner

North Meets South Big Local (NMS) is one of the 150 communities across England chosen to be part of the Local Trust’s innovative programme that aims to achieve lasting change by providing a mixture of funding, finance, and support. NMS was established in 2014 with £1 Million allocated from the Big Local Lottery Fund, through the Local Trust, which could be spent in any way local people chose over the following 10 years. NMS is now a partnership governed by residents, with activities organised by residents and for residents in Marks Gate and North Chadwell Heath. As NMS enters the final stages of its funding support from the Local Trust, partnership’s vision is to support focus on supporting sustainable projects which will exist beyond the lifespan of the organisation.

Over the last four years the partnership has funded a youth provision offer via a delivery partner. To continue the delivery of this service NMS is accepting tenders from youth organisations to deliver the following services for 7–18-year-olds on a two-year contract with a break point after one year.


Tender A £25,000: Social activities, guest speakers and workshops for 7–18-year-olds. This tender will cover the provision of:

  • An indoor youth club with three age specific sessions on Tuesday evenings (Ages 7-11, Ages 12-15, Ages 16-18)
  • Sports at Tantony Green Park with three age specific sessions on Thursday evenings (Ages 6-11, Ages 12-15, Ages 16-18)
  • Recruiting and training of volunteers to run sessions alongside youth worker(s)


Tender B £30,000: Mentoring Programme for vulnerable and hard to reach young people in the area. This tender will focus on:

  • working with vulnerable young people (7-18year olds) identified via:
    • outreach (once a week, evenings, or weekends around the estate in areas where young people meet to socialise)
    • referrals from schools
    • referrals from statutory organisations working in the area e.g., social workers, young offenders’ team, PRU, early interventions team etc.
    • referrals from NMS youth delivery partners
    • the mentoring programme will offer 1:1 support to participants by working in partnership with NMS delivery partners and external youth and family organisations to monitor the progress of mentees
    • The support offered will be specifically based on the needs of the young people with an aim to progress them towards higher aspirations, improved academic attainments, behaviour change and improved wellbeing

Application Deadline: 5th Sept 2022

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