Thanks for Supporting our Community Groups

Over the last couple of months Be-First & Murphy (contractor for the Padnall Lake development) have been doing an immense amount of work in the background to progress the needs of residents in Marks Gate. We are very appreciative of the support from Beth Cross, Chloe Dennington, and their team. As a result of their support:

  • We had a marvellous Christmas Carol concert with a great festive menu in 2021
  • StayNPlay Group in St Mark’s Church are due to receive a donation of storage equipment for their play items in April 2022
  • This Spring we will receive a collection of new plants and flowers at Tantony Green with a new notice board to keep residents updated on community activities and new developments in the area
  • Through Be-first exists a direct access to various teams within the council to progress lapsed issues resident’s care about

Many thanks to Be First & Murphy for your interest in progressing the needs of residents in our area. To learn more about the Padnall Lake development and their community development projects:

Email: Call: 02033720707   Visit: